High Risk Drinking Prevention

Why is this an important health issue in ECC?

Incidents, injuries or deaths related to high-risk drinking are sadly everyday occurrences in Eau Claire County. Binge, heavy and underage drinking, as well as drinking during pregnancy are all considered high-risk use of alcohol. Our state and county have some of the highest rates of binge drinking in the nation.

In Eau Claire County, 30% of adults report binge drinking, compared to 24% in Wisconsin and 16% in the U.S. The cost of high-risk drinking per Eau Claire County resident is $1,624. Summary Data from the 2013 Community Health Assessment

High Risk Drinking_Goals

Current Projects

This action team is working to create community change around binge drinking through collaboration. The team’s objectives are to:

  • Expand community awareness about why binge drinking is unhealthy, unsafe and costly
  • Promote an understanding of low-risk vs. high-risk drinking.
  • Increase community collaboration and engagement through the process of building awareness
  • Assess and determine potential policy/practice changes to pursue.
    Success Story
  • In its first year, the team had success influencing an ‘All You Can Drink’ special proposal.

Action Team Action Plan — click here to learn what we’ve done and what we are currently working on

Current Co-Chairs: Jennifer Eddy and Katie Wilson. To get involved with the High Risk Drinking Prevention Action Team, click here.