Healthy Relationship Promotion

Why is this an important health issue in Eau Claire?

Healthy Relationship Promotion is a health priority in Eau Claire County because a lifetime of healthy positive relationships leads to more engaged citizens and safer communities. Healthy parent-child relationships, positive family dynamics, and supportive communities provide a strong foundation for children. It is well established that adverse conditions such as family turmoil, enduring poverty, violent neighborhoods, and substandard daycare conditions put children at higher risk for mental health and developmental problems that can persist into school-age years and adulthood. Positive, healthy teen dating and peer relationship have many benefits for youth and healthy adult relationships benefit entire communities. Everyone is positively impacted by healthy, positive relationships.

Healthy Relationship_Goals

HRPAT2.jpgCurrent Projects

Currently participating in the Healthy Wisconsin Leadership Institute’s Community Teams Program to increase and develop collaborative leadership skills. Also assessing capacity, the need for, and the community’s readiness for implementation of additional strategies, programs and policies that increase awareness of elements of a healthy relationships and access to resources in our community.

While working with the Healthy Wisconsin Leadership Institute, the video ‘Fran’s Story’ was created:

This newly re-energized action team has brought together several stakeholders passionate about preventing violence by promoting healthy relationships. They are working with community partners to implement the Safe Dates program, an evidence-based program to prevent teen dating abuse.

Action Team Action Plan — click here to learn what we’ve done and what we are currently working on

Current Co-Chairs: Libby Ritcher and Abby Hinz. To get involved with the Healthy Relationship Promotion Action Team, click here.